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Wait What?

The Heather is doing Essential Oils news post!

Young Living Essential Oils - How versatile are the Everyday Oils
Young Living Essential Oils

The answer?
Lavender, Lemon, and Frankincense are like the ultimate basics of essential oils that can be used in far too many recipes.

My next post will explain much more!

This has been my latest crafty kick that has a wonderful side effect of overall wellbeing and happiness. I will tell you that I am the ultimate skeptic, that essential oils was voodoo at work or some sort of mystical magic that didn’t work despite claims. But I will say that I’m no longer a skeptic, thanks to a good former college friend of mine who essentially got me hooked on essential oils!

What am I saying?

These oils have changed my life, and this isn’t some sort of infomercial. I want to share this fact, as a skeptic of alternative medicine, that after several trials from my friend of what she’d consider ‘uplift’, ‘sleep’ and my very own potion for my seborrheic dermatitis that I have been suffering with since high school that has COMPLETELY helped me manage it (and it’s only been day 3!). No doubt I seriously wanted to cry when I realized the recipe my friend made for my very personal situation has helped me more than any dermatologist steroid cream. I will of course share this recipe once I poke my dear friend.

So what did I do?

I bought myself a starter kit to be able to make my own recipes! I plan to share these recipes on here as they come. Which means it may be a day, a week, a month before a recipe is shared that uses essential oils. I’ll share what works for me and hopefully these recipes would work for others! I’ve been rather busy with my life so I haven’t really been able to do a great deal of blog posts. In fact I have many stashed away that I have to finish up from the past several months.

I’m not really looking to make this into a business by any means for quite some time. My taxes are already complex enough with applying university expenses and all that jazz. It’d make me uncomfortable to be making money right now while everything is complicated. So I won’t readily share my ID number like the majority of the people who write blog posts on essential oils. I’m not here to make you sign up or anything of that sort. But if you are interested in using my ID number because you’re kind like that, email me at heatherlybliss at gmail dot com. Just send it with a subject related to essential oils and I’ll respond back. Otherwise, I will share my starter kit and what’s in it once it arrives in a couple of days! Have to wait for it to be shipped to me. *playing jeopardy music*

Essentially Essential Oils

Look for my ‘essentially essential oils’ blog series as I personally explore the in depth adventure of making recipes and work toward a less-chemical-induced me! The amount of chemicals I use on myself is crazy. On top of that one of my daily medications has major conflicts with some other medications, and I’d like to find a “workaround”.

Happy Mid-2017 everyone. Goodness how time flies.

~ Heather

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