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I’m from a small little redneck hillbilly gangsta town in Southeast Michigan. It’s a place where everyone tends to know everyone and you can’t really hide anything. It’s full of cornfields and subdivisions and I live on a busy fast street away from all of that neighborly love. Growing up I was a tomboy in a dress, the ultimate stick swordsman, lover of swings (in a dress), legos, building forts, and everything girly, fluffy, and cute.

I’m still that little girl on the inside despite growing up and obtaining a big-kid job and slowly but surely getting out in the world. Now I also find passion in fitness, butterflies, purple, bubble wrap, and other miscellaneous things including trying (and most of the time failing) interesting new hobbies. I am working towards becoming a licensed Architect, and about a quarter of the way there in regards to completion. I would one day like to design homes, though that’s a rather large dream. It may take me a while to get there. For now I work at a university for the university. I’m still dreadfully in school (not  attending the same university I work for, fun fact), and hope and pray to be officially done December 2017. But who knows what life can throw at me between now and then!

I like to think I’m a little normal, though there are days I’m even unsure about that. I find I’m an oddball of a puzzle piece, looking for places where I best fit. It’s a grand adventure full of ups, downs, and sometimes things can go completely sideways! I consider myself a budding young professional, a single twenty something gal looking for love, and a very novice adventurer of places and things.


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This blog began at the beginning of March 2016 (officially). It something that I would consider a somewhat personal but public journal about pretty much anything that’s on my mind at the time I’m writing it. As of right now HeatherlyBliss is just a baby in the blogging world and hasn’t yet developed into something fantastic for readers to enjoy! I’m new to blogging, I’m sure I’ll make a few mistakes here and there.

This blog is nothing all to special considering I view it as my public diary. It’s a way to let the world know who I am, where I am at, and where I am going. Of course within reason, I’m less likely to gush and gossip over a cute guy here (maybe? maybe not), and more discuss weightier thoughts and ideas or share interesting things I have learned or found.

This blog in a nutshell chronicles my ups and downs for weight loss, my journey to a better wardrobe, my adventure through the Architect Registration Exams once that time finally comes (and maybe some study guides I make up?), as well as miscellaneous posts, projects, and musings! This blog will also include reviews ranging from food to clothing, mostly because I’m trying new things out and want to think things through. Maybe there will be posts on recipes I make (with links to them because let’s get real). Once this blog develops into something and finds its place in the blogging world, I may change this little blurb to fit it better!

If you’ve read some of my posts, then thank you very much! I hope some of them are useful for you!

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