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This page will be filled with resources and study material for the LEED Green Associate (v4 edition) Exam. These are of my own interpretations, doodles, etc, unless otherwise noted. Everything will be referenced that I used to make up the blog posts that are related to each section. The blog posts will be listed on the right under each of the categories. "Regurgitating information" and presenting it in some fashion is the best way I can study for exams. I'm a terrible test taker, and terrible at studying, so this is one of the ways I'm helping myself retain information.

If all of this is helpful to you, please let me know by contacting me! I won't know if it's useful otherwise. If people are interested in my study materials, I can create a separate webpage from my blog to house them. But for the time being they are here until further notice.

Please know I will not disclose anything about the test after I take it besides informing anyone/everyone I have either passed or failed it. I will not mention test questions. I'm not really looking for trouble. :)


Knowledge Domains

LEED Process
Integrative Strategies
Location and Transportation
Sustainable Sites
Water Efficiency
Energy and Atmosphere
Materials and Resources
Indoor Environmental Quality
Project Surroundings and Public Outreach